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Certified Roofing ContractorCertified Roofing Contractors

When you are installing a new roof you should always us a qualified roofing contractor or try to find a certified roofing contractor who employs only the best factory trained technicians to install you new roof.  Your home is your largest investment supply using the best quality materials and roofing products available you will not have to worry about poor workmanship, poor roofing materials or any other type of inferior roof methods that may be used when hiring a non-certified roofing contractor.

What makes the difference between a smaller roofing contractor or one of the larger local roofing contractors? larger roofing contractors typically will have the insurance policies needed that not only protects there workman case somebody does get injured on the job site, but also has the high liability policy that definitely takes care of any issues increase somebody creates a major liability that can cause major damage or possibly a smaller issue that’s needs to be covered by the insurance policy.

How Do You Find Qualified Roofers?

The best way to find qualified roofing contractors is to go the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s list or any other online service that uses a rating system. When you use a monitoring system takes care of a lot of the irregularities of self generating positive responses. Many companies like yelp and others have a software program that detects irregularities like creating multiple positive reviews, and their systems also use IP addresses and many other high-tech ways of finding issues with self generated testimonials. You can also find some good solid roofing contractors on the manufacturer’s websites, in these roofing companies only add qualified roofing installers to their listings, and many of them also check on their workers compensation insurance and public liability to make sure they’re current.

How Many Roofing Estimate Should I Get?

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You should get as many roofing estimates as you feel you need, so you can find the roofing contractor that you feel confident that will do a good job for you. We have been programmed to get at least three estimates and that’s not a bad idea, and you should always check references and their insurance to make sure that they are current incredible. Remember once again they may only give you the very best referrals but as long as they have three or five jobs locally that they have completed you can have a chance to check out the job site and see the new roof that they installed to verify that the information is correct.

Make sure to call and talk to the previous customer to verify that everything was as described from this roofing contractor you talk to, and you will want definitely drive by that job site and look at the quality workmanship. That’s why it’s so important to check with the manufacturer, in the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s list to verify that they have many satisfied homeowners before you decide to move forward with that roofing contractor. **Very important** do not go only by the lowest price, make sure you verify that the products, insurance, referrals, workmanship is all equal or above your highest bid.

Local Certified Roofing Contractors

roofing contractor - roofer sales trainingYou should always check references locally with friends, neighbors that have had a new roof installed for any of the people you work with who may have had a roof replaced or repaired by a local certified roofing contractor. People often will tell you if something goes wrong with a roofing contractor but they never seem to say anything nice about a roofer who is installed there new roof, but also be careful about people that you work with saying that they have a relative who installs new roofs because this might be the end of your friendship. And the only reasoning I am some saying this is because many people try to get their family members work.

Watch Out For The Fly By Nights

Everybody has to start somewhere so new company just starting now may not have 10 or 20 referrals, so with the younger company they may only have a couple referrals because they are new. So this is an opportunity possibly you to get a better price then some of the larger roofing contractors, but they may not have the larger insurance policy that is required to use workman on the job site. As long as they have a liability policy with a million-dollar coverage, and a workers compensation insurance that covers their workman on the job site and it is valid, and this is why urge you to call the insurance company to validate the binder. And at that point if everything checks out referrals, products, insurance then this is the opportunity to move forward as long as you feel comfortable with that new or company installing your new roof, and that’s why say watch over the fly by nights because you may be at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Don’t All Roofing Companies Do The Same Thing?

This is a myth and just like a mechanic that works on a vehicle some better than others, and some people make more money because they are better qualified mechanic. Roofing technicians are some of the highest paying tradesman in the industry, and the reason is because of risk but also the quality of the workmanship. Qualified roofing contractors and certified roofing contractors want to get paid well in the reason is because it put in the life online every day. Your home is your largest investment why would you take a chance with some smaller no-name company that has little or no insurance coverage, may be using the lowest quality materials available, and does not have certified roofing contractors working for them. Do the right thing hire only the best and you will get the best results…. Thank you for you time!

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